Often in everyday life sudden expenses occur that need an immediate balance. Since they are not foreseen, it is not certain that the savings of the month can meet them.

The solution? A quick loan! It is a recent financial product, just a few years old, that is well suited to those who need urgent liquidity. But is the procedure really that quick? And how exactly does it work? This article will outline the characteristics, methods and requirements for accessing this form of credit.

So easy & convenient bad credit guaranteed loans

The quick bad credit guaranteed loans at this website is so called because it is provided within 24 hours of the request. How will this be possible? Breaking down the preliminary investigation phase, which with its traditional bureaucratic process is really responsible for the normal timing of a loan.

This speed obviously has a price: with immediate payday loan only modest amounts can be requested. In general, the capital paid corresponds to the amount of one or two payrolls. The necessary condition for the provision of an immediate payday loan is that the amount be less than 5000 euros. To repay it, the amortization plan provides for a maximum period of 18 months.

How to apply for an immediate payday loan

How to apply for an immediate payday loan

Few credit institutions offer such solutions, but it is expected that over time they will become a more globalized practice. Where possible, the interested party will request the loan by presenting the following documentation:

  • Current identification document .
  • Tax code or health card.
  • Document proving the recent income situation . For example, a copy of the last two pay slips or the pension slip.

In addition to these documents, certain conditions must be met.

  • Have a positive credit history . This means never having received reports to the central credit institution as a bad payer.
  • Don’t be protested .
  • Don’t have another ongoing loan .

Application procedures can be performed at the counter or online. Be careful to keep in mind the type of fast financing you want to request. In fact, depending on the type, the timing may vary.

If for the requested online loans the capital is paid in a few minutes directly to the applicant’s current account, with personal loans the process could last longer than the above 24 hours.

Which loan to choose?

Which loan to choose?

As anticipated, not all banks offer this service. The advice is to use reliable portals that compare the different proposals available on the financial market. An example, where it is possible to discover the various financial with their products of the moment. Just fill out a form with simple information, such as personal details and characteristics of the desired loan, to get free estimates that will guide you in your choice.

In this article we would like to point out, by way of example, two of the eligible credit institutions for the request for an immediate payday loan.

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